About Me

I'm a songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, editor, and audio engineer from the DFW area.  I'm currently residing in Providence, Rhode Island, where I recently graduated from the Brown University music program with a focus on music production and audio engineering. 


Growing up, I bounced between different instruments, genres, and bands, never quite settling into one lane - I wanted to try music in every form it took.  In college, I discovered recording, music production, and audio engineering.   For the first time, I found work that felt completely rewarding;  audio gave me the ability to turn the ideas in my head into something tangible, and it allowed me to stay involved with music in all of its forms.  Inspired, I pursued it through my academic and  professional career, taking on jobs as a studio technician, drummer, audio engineer, studio assistant, production assistant, and podcast editor.


At the moment, I am working as a Media Services Technician at Wheaton College, recording a five-song EP for my band Mind Body Problem, operating a home studio, and working on solo music.